Get your notes!

Reach out and we can arrange your script notes & feedback today!

Twitter: @jackienobrakes

My fees are reasonable and based on the length of your pilot, short film, feature film, etc. Here’s what I’ll provide:

-on the page & in the margin notes
-800 to 1000 words, typewritten, of impressions and feedback, including:
-questions and suggestions for your next draft
-a follow-up email answering questions you may have after reviewing my notes

Additionally, for a reduced fee, arrangements can be made to look at and provide notes for subsequent drafts as you continue developing your script.

Payments MUST be made up front. If, for whatever reason, notes and feedback cannot be provided as promised, you will be given a full refund.

*PLEASE NOTE: Currently, I can ONLY accept payments via PayPal or Venmo – I cannot provide my services if you cannot use these to pay.*

There is no sign-up or web form to fill out – we’ll get started through email, one-on-one. Are you introverted and not sure how to initiate a conversation with a nonfictional human being? Just use this template:

Hi Jack, 

    My name is ____. Will you look at my script?

And I’ll take it from there.

Email me and let’s do this thing: