Why Me?

To get a better idea of my grasp for story, narrative structure, character work, and emotional resonance in writing, check out my in-depth analysis of The Simpsons as well as my thoughts on other media in my podcasts Worst Episode Ever and 90s Percentile – available from WEE Studios. I also had a blast hosting this video for WIRED breaking down all the jobs Homer Simpson ever worked on The Simpsons.



My Education:
New York University, Tisch School of the Arts
B.F.A. Film & Television Arts, December 2005 

WEE Studios, 2014 – Present
Co-Founder, Host, Producer, Editor

New York Film Academy, 2014 – 2020
Teachers Assistant
Creative & Content Writer
Director of Student Affairs

Some Credits:
Team Orson – Short Film – Screenwriter
The Agency – Dramedy Pilot – Co-Creator, Head Writer
The Lexington Steele Show – Talk Show Pilot, NY/Las Vegas – Co-Writer
Hot Mess in Manhattan, New York – Off-Broadway Musical – Story Consultant

Honors & Awards:
Official Selection – NYU Sight & Sound Film Festival, Fall 2004

Official Selection – New York Television Festival 2007
Winner, Best Screenplay – New York Television Festival 2007
Semifinalist – Amazon Studios Screenplay Contest December 2010
Winner, Best Table Read – Amazon Studios February 2011
Finalist, Best Comedy – Amazon Studios May 2011
Semifinalist, Best Actor – Amazon Studios September 2011
Quarterfinalst – ScreenCraft Comedy Script Contest 2014
Winner, Best Screenplay – L.A. Sports Film Festival 2014
Quarterfinalist, Best Screenplay – ScreenCraft Comedy Script Contest 2021
Quarterfinalist, Best Screenplay – ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Contest 2021

Appearances in media:
Profile & Interview with The Village Voice 

Interview with the CBC’s ‘q’
Interview with the CBC’s Day 6 with Brent Bambury
Interview with Goomba Stomp

Some reviews of my podcasts:
The AV Club’s Podmass
CNET: Our Favorite Podcasts

“Jack is at the top of my list of trusted readers. One of the toughest parts of the writing process is getting solid notes from people who know what they’re talking about. Often times, really great writers aren’t always the best at giving concise feedback, and vice versa. Jack is the rare type who happens to be both a phenomenal writer and reader. His feedback is invaluable because it always gives me the fuel to start the next draft. My scripts are always stronger after a round of notes from Jack.”

-Mike Diaz, writer & director (Karate Tortoise, Magnum PI, NCIS: Hawai’i)

“Aside from understanding story structure and character (a must), Jack has an ability to understand what you’re trying to do. He can tell what’s working or missing but he won’t let me fall into conventional traps or easy fixes. He understands what you’re trying to do and helps you get there in a way that stays true to yourself and the story you’re telling.”
-Benedict Campbell, writer & director (A Quaker Sound, The Watch & the War)

“I’d been struggling with something for months and thanks to Jack’s notes I felt as if I finally was able to solve the problem. His notes were clear, comprehensive, and most importantly spoke to the project and my perspective rather than offering ideas or trying to change the narrative. Hands down some of the best feedback I’ve gotten to date.”
-Emily Sheskin, writer & director (JessZilla, Taking Up Space)

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