Make Your Next Draft Your Best Draft

Looking for script consultation? Notes, feedback, and advice before starting the next draft of your screenplay?

My name is Jack Picone I’m a multiple award-winning screenwriter, and I’m also the guy many of my colleagues in the film industry come to when they want quality feedback on drafts, especially early drafts, of their screenplays and teleplays.

Unlike typical coverage services, I won’t rank or grade your screenplay, or give a cold straightforward synopsis – you know what your script is about.

Instead, I will read it thoroughly and make notes on the page & in the margins – copy editing, form editing, questions about characters, dialogue, scene placement, narrative decisions, etc. Maybe even throw in suggestions for alternative lines or scene ideas.

Additionally, I will type around 800 to 1000 words on my general impression of your script, as well as questions for you, the writer, that you should consider when writing your next draft. I’ll also provide suggestions for tweaks or changes in narrative structure, character work, and other story elements that you can consider for subsequent drafts.

By getting an outside perspective, you will not only get valuable feedback on the core elements that make a good screenplay, but also an idea of whether or not what you’ve put on the page for an audience is actually what you visualize in your head. This disconnect can sometimes sink an otherwise good story.

After two decades of writing screenplays, I’ve come to learn that the presentation of a script is nearly as important as the story you’re trying to tell. I specialize in making screenplays easy to read – the movie easy to visualize – for a cold reader. This is incredibly important when trying to sell your screenplay, or even get your cast & crew to align with your vision.

This is not a coverage factory but a personal script consulting service – rather than uploading your PDF to the website and getting some sort of automatic reply, we will converse one-on-one, through email. All genres, tones, and types of stories are welcome.

Get in touch so we can get started on improving your next draft today!